Skateboard Cat – Focus!

April 9, 2015
Say Yes!

Say Yes!

Kingsley, aka Cat King Cole, meowed intensely as if his voice would dissolve a fortress much less a door, heaved his body up toward the door handle five times, arching and sliding like a skateboarder. No use, but his single-mindedness? The heart of him.

The power of concentration, focusing the mind on the desires of our hearts. That is what it is about. See it, feel it, be it. Let not the illusion of current effect challenge your dreams for they become reality the more we focus on them.

What we think on changes us. I am in NYC with my grandchildren and husband visiting family. And how is it we are here? Love. A persistent feeling and need to be with those we love. The need for connectedness. The vision is set. The outcome IS.

And what of Cat King Cole? He eventually laid down and snoozed. Cat does not know the phrase, You snooze you lose. But had he kept his focus, the door would have opened. Keep your eye on the prize. Stay awake. Keep the faith. The pay-off is always better than you can imagine.