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Week 3 – Being a Stand

October 17, 2014

This week I got a new insight into how Autonomy can really be my Partner. The lesson was gritty. My old blueprint often lets things go if I get a heavy dose of push back after 3 – 4 tries on getting something started. My persistence wanes and my focus goes to other things – […]

Week 2 – I AM the Sky

Monday – what an amazing Drive on the way to work. What an amazing Day. Rectangles everywhere! Blue colors everywhere! So what? In the car, slowing down to a stop – Shazaamm! License plate – rectangle – OMG – “I promise to manifest Autonomy and Recognition for Creative Expression. I always keep my promises” Oh […]

Week 1 – Test Drive

My favorite experience after several long nights at Landmark Education was driving in VJay’s white Porsche convertible with the top down cruising across Atlanta’s Spaghetti Junction…the freedom of it…just putting it out there…I love your car…that was it…no requests…and he in his generous style offered, “Would you like to drive it?” Good grief yes of […]

Week 1 – Surprise! Scroll 1

I have been extremely surprised and delighted. Having been raised in the Episcopal church and had to regularly sitt through Morning Prayer as a child. Listening to the readings of the Psalms, I understand the concept of repetition – each time the reading of the Venite or the Jubilate – something new took root inside. […]