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Week 10 – From Heaviness to Joy

December 6, 2014

This week was quite a challenge, starting with the initial reading on December 1st and going downhill from there. While filled with inspiration to persevere it also felt like a real ‘downer’ with statements like “I must fail often to succeed only once” and an unspoken directive to undo all the progress I have achieved […]

Week 9 – I Am – A Love Magnet

November 28, 2014

I AM a Love Magnet! This is my experience, the day before Thanksgiving, Week 9 of this phenomenal course. We students of Truth have heard, read, pondered repeatedly throughout this course that ‘Truth is the vital principle of the Universal Mind and is Omnipresent’, that ‘the World Without is a reflection of the World Within’. […]

Week 8 – Sweat Equity, No Pelf Allowed

November 21, 2014

Lots of thoughts, unearthing the truth and respectfully taking another look… I have had some really triumphant personal moments over the past few weeks. The course, the work, the requirements, have stretched me and humbled me. In those surprise moments of new understanding I feel in tune and alive. This process is truly getting at […]

Week 7 – Shazaamm! Bam! Shame Explodes

November 13, 2014

What a morning, what a Sit, what an experience of 500 million brain cells going to work on my behalf. Our task this week is to Sit and converse with the stranger we know as our Future Self. We are to become acquainted, become friends, share and connect. The night before last, visualization took me […]

Week 6 – In the Hope Love Prevails

This week already is a roller coaster of emotion – tremendous highs and deep dipping lows. As I read Scroll II for the first time, I wept with the beauty of it, then walked out into the exquisite, cold moonlit, star filled night; the words ‘I will love the light for it shows me the […]

Week 5 – Up, Down, All Around the Town

November 1, 2014

I just read 5 or 6 blogs of other folks in the MKMMA course, all such different people in their styles, and self-expression, and all in their unique way an inspiration. Why? Be Cause of their candid sharing. I am grateful for each person who has courageously shared themselves and for each who just shared […]

Week 5 – Webinar Blew it UP!!!

Today’s webinar blew it up for me. Blew what up? Me. I got I have been focusing on money in exchange for my life coaching, when the whole time the way I was focusing on it just didn’t sit right. Why? Everyone is worthy of their hire to paraphrase St. Paul. And I am a […]

Week 4 – Renaissance Week

October 23, 2014

This week has been a beauty of a week. I don’t really even know where to begin so this may occur to you dear reader as stream of consciousness. In Lesson 4 it says that the higher the goals, “the loftier the ideas” the better. The Truth of “I” sinks in more deeply with each […]